Our firm, Altınyaldız, specialized in engineering, design, production and installation of steel and aluminum Space Frame Systems for long-span, column-free and large volume structures and their industrial as well as architectural applications, has realized a wide range projects in Turkey and internationally.

Altınyaldız has been the first company to introduce the studies on prefabricated steel Space Frame structures and their various applications in Turkey. Altınyaldız has introduced Space Frame Systems in civil engineering faculties in universities in Turkey. Altınyaldız has acquired the first patent right concerning the “Space Frame Prefabricated System Elements” from the Ministry of Industry and Technology of The Republic of Turkey.

Altınyaldız’s Space Frame system of steel bars and nodes, does not only distribute roof loads more efficiently but also provides a practical interior space that can span up to 90 m in a flat Space Frame and up to 200 m in a arched configuration. Our firm is the first company to apply aliminium Space Frame contruction and to cross more than 90 m in Turkey. Altınyaldız built the largest number of dome roof structures with span over 100 m.

Our History

At the beginning of 1970s, our founder İbrahim Atilla Altınyaldız has started the design, production and installation of Space Frame System. The first Space Beam System roof application was for a swimming pool and club in Istanbul, for the Space Frame Beams with 30 m span were designed as a welded pipe system.

In the following years, Altınyaldız has designed and built Tekel Tokat Cigarette Factor. The factory had a closed area of 115.000 m² and the column axle clearances were 18 x 27 meters. The design was aslo applied in Samsun, Diyarbakır, Akhisar and İzmir cigarette factories. Preka, Prefabricated Building Units Factory built in Adana was designed according to 10 x 20 m column axes, Space System elements were manifactured as semi prefabricated and box profile node elements were used.

After many years of R&D and application of several node elements in successive Space Frame projects, it was deemed suitable to manufacture with fully prefabricated spherical node elements eventually and this manufacturing process has been continued for about 30 years.

The multipurpose hall constructed for the Turkish Metal Union in Ankara in 2001 is an ellipse shaped structure with 90 m x 60 m clear openings. A three layer Space System is used in the project. The Charter Terminal at Ataturk Airport of over 20.000 m² and was completed in 4 months including installation in 1994. The Interteks International Fair Area in İzmit completed in 1994 of 32.000 m² and the building has standed without any damage to the big earthquake in the region in 1999. As a landmark structure, the design and manufacturing of the Olympic ice hockey hall and the Olympic swimming pool in form of three elliptical and truncated domes in Khanty Mansisk in Northern Russia were successfully completed in 2007.

Altınyaldız has expanded its activities in all European and Asian countries including the Central Asian Turkic Republics, Russia, Romania, Greece and TRNC, with its mutliple large scale projects such as TAV-Tbilisi International Airport (12 000 m² – 2006), Ankara Esenboğa Airport (17 000 m² – 2006), Antalya Airport International Terminal II (15 500 m² – 2004), ITU Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool (5 000 m² – 2006), Tuyap Fair and Exhibition (20 000 m² – 2002).

Following an increasing demand in recent years, Altınyaldız has been executing a growing number of cement, additive and coal plant projects in Turkey and internationally. By completing 4 consecutive projects of 85 m x 300 m, h: 40 m size plants in Abu Dhabi as well as similar ones for Akçansa, Adana cement plant, Çimsa, West Soke cement plant, Limak, cement plant with success, Altınyaldız is renowed to be the most realiable solution partner in domes and archs structures.

Akçansa Çanakkale-Raw plant completed in 2008 is the largest dome-shaped Space System applications in Turkey and among the largest in the world. With its inner diameter of 127 m, outer diameter of 130 m and height of 45 m, the dome is considered a landmark structure for space frame application worldwide.
Since its foundation, Altınyaldız has executed pioneering and landmark structures with space frame systems in Turkey and worldwide. With its ethical and quality notions, the firm performs its engineering activities with the same enthusiasm and dynamism like its first day in the industry, invests for sustainable growth, encourages next generation engineers who carry the flame going forward.

Our Founder

Atilla Altınyaldız, the founder of Altınyaldız International Space Frame Constructions Industry and Commerce Joint Stock.Co, was born in İzmir in 1945. After graduating from the science department of Izmir Atatürk Highschool in 1964, he started his engineering studies at Istanbul Technical University Engineering Faculty.

After graduating in 1969, Atilla Altınyaldız worked as an assistant for 3 years at Istanbul Technical University. He founded Altınyaldız Engineering Consultant Company in 1970 where he completed many important projects in Turkey and abroad.

He has visited and continued his studies and R&D across many countries to develop Space Frame applications in Turkey. He obtained the patent right for Space Frame System from the Ministry of Industry and Technology and become the founder of the first company in Turkey to have the authority to work on Space Frame systems. During his entire professional life, he focused on development and application of Space Frame Systems worldwide.

He has dedicated his professional enthusiasm, passion and knowhow to space frame systems. He shared and spread his experience to enable new generation engineers to grow and execute signature projects.

We have lost İbrahim Atilla Altınyaldız in September 2017, his family and fabuolous team members carry his flag.

Our Mission

As a pioneer in our sector, a solution provider and a trusted partner, we aim to match our customers’ requirements with our experienced and dynamic team, our technology and quality driven capabilities. We execute projects at highest standards and provide cost effective solutions to enable our clients to gain time and efficiency during their project execution.

Our Vision

  • To become the most reliable, respected and active company in the construction industry with our proficient staff and high quality references,
  • To execute outstanding projects both in Turkey and worldwide,
  • To grow with continuous research and development to meet the rapidly changing customer expectations in terms technical reliance and cost effectiveness,
  • To keep high our customer satisfaction as well as the happiness of our teams