About Us

Our firm, Altınyaldız, specialized in engineering, design, production and installation of steel and aluminum Space Frame Systems for long-span, column-free and large volume structures and their industrial as well as architectural applications, has realized a wide range projects in Turkey and internationally.

Altınyaldız has been the first company to introduce the studies on prefabricated steel Space Frame structures and their various applications in Turkey. Altınyaldız has introduced Space Frame Systems in civil engineering faculties in universities in Turkey.

Our Services


The prefabricated Space Frame systems are composed of bar and node members which are designed to be fully pre-fabricated in our production facility and then to be erected at site.


We have an annual production capacity of 500,000 m² in our factory in Şekerpınar, which is established on an area of 10,000 m² and equipped with the latest technology.


Installation of all members is applied complying with the installation plan drawings where all the pipe and node members are stated with detail. Horizontal and low inclination pipes are...


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